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Rona and Josh – Cipriano’s Garden, Laguna Philippines Wedding Photographer

Being asked to photograph your sister’s wedding can be a bit tricky.  One side of you just wants to relax and enjoy the party, while the other side…

Rona and Josh – U.P. Los Baños Philippines Pre-wedding Photographer

Location: UPLB Campus Need a photographer in the Philippines or worldwide?  Please get in touch!

The Parker Family – Ulsan, South Korea Portrait Photographer

One great thing about being a photographer is getting to witness (and document) families grow and change.  I first met Joanna and Wyatt during our maternity session in…

The Collins Family – Busan, Yangsan Photographer

I first met Dan and family during Jennifer and Jake’s beach wedding in Busan.  He officiated the wedding, which drew crowds of people on Haeundae Beach.  A few…

Jennifer and Jake’s Haeundae Beach Wedding – Busan Korea Photographer

Summer 2016 has been one of the hottest ever in South Korea.  Because of this, one would generally avoid going outdoors.  But on Jennifer and Jake’s special day…

Geoje Island Confirmation – South Korea Event Photographer

Venue: Daemyung Resort, Geoje Island Need a photographer in Geoje, South Korea or worldwide?  Please get in touch!

Jennifer and Jake – Busan Korea Pre-Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Jake’s Engagement in Busan, South Korea Locations: Dalmaji Gil Road, Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach 부산 해운대 달맞이길 광안리 커플 세미웨딩 야외 촬영

Alice and Liow – Busan Engagement Pre-Wedding Photographer

Alice and Liow’s Engagement in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea Assistant: Joshua Herrin 부산 커플 세미웨딩 야외 촬영

Joanna and Wyatt – Gyeongju Maternity Photographer

Joanna and Wyatt’s maternity session in Gyeongju, South Korea 경주 만삭 야외 촬영

Lee Woong’s First Birthday Portraits – Busan Family Photographer

Lee Woong’s first birthday shoot in Summer Studio and Haeundae, Busan 부산 여름스튜디오 해운대 돌 가족 야외 촬영

Mollie and Brian – Tongyeong Korea Engagement Pre-wedding Photographer

Mollie and Brian’s engagement photos in Tongyeong, South Korea 통영 세미웨딩 촬영

Mr. Kim’s 70th Birthday Celebration – Tongyeong, Korea Event Photographer

Mr. Kim Bu Saeng’s 70th birthday celebration in Tongyeong, South Korea 통영 해송회타운 칠순잔치 기념 스냅 촬영

Jinho and Seungyeon – Tongyeong, Korea Wedding Photographer

Additional photos by Joshua Herrin Jinho + Seungyeon wedding, Tongyeong Bay. 통영베이 웨딩 스냅.  Tongyeong and Geoje Korea wedding photographer, 통영 거제 웨딩스냅 촬영 연락해주세요!

Sojung – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

Sojung’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Anchovy Hotel. 소정의 돌스냅 사진, 통영엔초비호텔.  Tongyeong and Geoje Korea event photographer, 통영 거제 돌스냅사진 돌잔치 스납사진 촬영 연락해주세요!

Seon Hye – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

Seon Hye’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Happy Day. 선혜의 돌스냅 사진, 통영해피데이.  돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!

Sungmin – Tongyeong, South Korea Event Photographer

Sungmin’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Anchovy Hotel. 승민의 돌스냅 사진, 통영엔초비호텔.  돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!

Woosol – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

Woosol’s first birthday at Happy Day, Tongyeong. 우솔의 돌잔치 사진, 통영해피데이. 돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!

So Yoon – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

So Yoon’s first birthday at Wedding Story, Tongyeong. 수윤의 돌잔치 사진, 통영웨딩스토리. 돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!