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So Hyeon’s First Birthday Celebration – Tongyeong, Geoje South Korea Family Event Photographer (통영 거제 돌잔치 스냅 촬영)

Korean first birthday’s are always fun and lively events.  A long time ago in Korea, it was a great milestone for a child to reach 1 year old…

Mollie and Brian – Tongyeong Korea Engagement Pre-wedding Photographer

Mollie and Brian’s engagement photos in Tongyeong, South Korea 통영 세미웨딩 촬영

Mr. Kim’s 70th Birthday Celebration – Tongyeong, Korea Event Photographer

Mr. Kim Bu Saeng’s 70th birthday celebration in Tongyeong, South Korea 통영 해송회타운 칠순잔치 기념 스냅 촬영

Jinho and Seungyeon – Tongyeong, Korea Wedding Photographer

[youtube=https://youtu.be/9jlBk_8WPIk] Additional photos by Joshua Herrin Jinho + Seungyeon wedding, Tongyeong Bay. 통영베이 웨딩 스냅.  Tongyeong and Geoje Korea wedding photographer, 통영 거제 웨딩스냅 촬영 연락해주세요!

Sojung – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

[youtube=https://youtu.be/zSrdcqzhQIQ] Sojung’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Anchovy Hotel. 소정의 돌스냅 사진, 통영엔초비호텔.  Tongyeong and Geoje Korea event photographer, 통영 거제 돌스냅사진 돌잔치 스납사진 촬영 연락해주세요!

Seon Hye – Tongyeong, South Korea Family Event Photographer

Seon Hye’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Happy Day. 선혜의 돌스냅 사진, 통영해피데이.  돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!

Sungmin – Tongyeong, South Korea Event Photographer

[youtube=http://youtu.be/NANnoAJ5SD4] Sungmin’s first birthday party at Tongyeong Anchovy Hotel. 승민의 돌스냅 사진, 통영엔초비호텔.  돌스냅사진 필요하시면 연락해주세요!

Jordan’s Birthday Portraits – Tongyeong Korea Family Photographer

I was thrilled when my old friend Jarrett asked me to take photos of his family. His second son, Jordan, was turning 1 and they wanted to have…

Jinnie – Tongyeong Baby Photographer

Dear Jinnie, How time flies. I can’t believe you are already turning one year old tomorrow. This year has been one of the toughest yet most amazing years…

Hanna and Kyung Won – Tongyeong Korea Wedding Photographer

Hanna + Kyung Won May 27, 2013 Tongyeong Bay, Tongyeong, South Korea Documentary style wedding photography by Roy Cruz

Jun and Hiyeong – Tongyeong Korea Engagement Pre-Wedding Photographer

A few of weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of photographing my good friend Jun and his fiance, Hiyeong. Jun was one of my first friends when…