A Garden Wedding in Gyeongju – Documentary Wedding Photographer in South Korea

I really enjoy small, intimate weddings. There is such a closeness and warmth in the air and it’s great to see a small group of family and friends talk, laugh, and celebrate two people making the vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Meg and James, whose engagement I photographed a few months back, recently had such a wedding. They picked a wonderful location, Pension Haemil (경주펜션해밀) for their big day. They rented out the whole place for the night and 25 of their close friends and relatives came to be a part of this special occasion literally party until the next day.

It was truly an event put together by friends and family and it was wonderful to see everyone pitch in to set up the venue and get everything ready. The day was full of laughter, warm moments, singing, dancing, and lots of silly faces. Please enjoy the highlights from one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve had the privilege to photograph.

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