25 Years and Beyond – Seoul Wedding Vows Renewal Event Photographer

As I said in their pre-wedding portrait blog post, Bob and Rose are truly an inspiration to me.  Being married for 25 years is a big milestone, and I’m happy and honored to have been able to document their celebration.

The day started at the Hotel President in downtown Seoul.  We had an early start as Bob and Rose got ready for the ceremony.  Their hotel room was quite busy as family members came in and out for their makeup and other morning tasks.

After the preparations, we all headed over to the Embassy of the Holy See, which is near Gyeongbokgung and the Blue House (residence of the Korean president).  Security was tight and black suits were everywhere.  When we got to the Embassy, it truly felt like an extension of the Vatican.  The ceremony was solemn and simple, but you could feel the love and camaraderie in the air as everyone took part in the mass.

After the ceremony it was back to the Hotel President for the reception.  Here, the couple warmly greeted even more friends, exchanged rings, and celebrated their 25 years together.  Congratulations and best wishes were plentiful and it was a great way to end the day’s events.

Again, I wish Bob and Rose all the best and many more years to come!

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