Bob and Rose – Seoul Pre-Wedding Vows Renewal Photographer

Marriage is truly a commitment.  Author Cornel West put it quite well: “We have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence.”  Being married for several years now myself, I know this for a fact.  That’s why it was truly inspiring to photograph Bob and Rose, who were about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  Hearing their story, they’ve truly been all over the world, through good and bad, thick and thin.  This particular chapter of their lives is set in Seoul, which was the backdrop for our portrait session.

Bob and Rose wanted to be photographed in memorable and iconic locations that will remind them of their time in Seoul.  We started the morning session at the N-Seoul Tower, where they wore Korean Hanbok tops to complete the look.

Continuing the Korean theme, we headed over to Gwanghwamun Gate (광화문), which is one of their favorite places to visit and very representative of the Seoul and Korean experience.

This image is my personal favorite from the day, which I hope would represent staying together as time passes:

Up next, we headed to Myeongdong Cathedral, which is another important and symbolic place for the couple.

After Myeongdong, we wrapped up our session with a casual shoot at the Yeouido Hangang Park, which is a favorite destination for couples to relax and enjoy the Han River.

Thanks Bob and Rose for letting me be a part of this important chapter in your lives.  I wish you all the best and 25 more years of happiness and love!

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I would also like to thank my friend and fellow photographer Greg Samborksi for helping me out during sudden a gear emergency which would have affected this shoot.  I owe you one, brother!