A Beautiful Afternoon at the Taehwa River Grand Park – Ulsan South Korea Pre-Wedding Engagement Photographer

Spring is a lovely time in Korea, and it’s a great time to go to the parks to enjoy the flowers and fresh air.  It’s also a great time to have outdoor photo sessions.  Meg and James’ engagement session in Ulsan’s Taehwa River Grand Park (태화강 대공원) was no exception.  Despite the yellow dust storm warning that weekend (another springtime reality in Korea), the weather turned out to be great and we had a lovely session at the park.

Taehwa River Park is where James and Meg had their first date, which made it a perfect choice for their engagement session.  The park is a huge place, and careful planning was required to maximize the late afternoon light.  Special thanks to Meg for doing recon and helping us to figure out the best route beforehand!  Our first location was Taehwaru (태화루), which is a Korean historical pavillon.  The architecture and colors here added a great Korean touch to our photo session.

Up next, we went over to the Cafe in the Park, which has cool, modern interiors and lots of light coming through it’s huge windows.  Here we enjoyed some beverages and did a combination of posed and candid shots.

After the cafe, we headed out to enjoy the beautifully manicured flower gardens, which Meg particularly loved.  There was also a cool rock bridge and footbridge in this area.  There are just so many great spots to shoot all over the park!

After an outfit change, we continued through the park.  The sun was setting at this point, which gave everything a beautiful, warm glow.

Our last stop for the evening was the Taehwa River Bamboo Grove (태화강 십리대밭), which is also located in the park.  Light was dropping quickly at this point, but we brought our own light, figuratively and literally. 😉  But the hidden surprise at the end of the evening came in the form of LED projectors in the bamboo forest, which made things magical!  Korea sometimes goes overboard with the LED lighting, but this was a very nice touch!

I’d like to thank Meg and James again for a great session!  See you on your wedding day!

Special thanks also to Richard Bates for assisting that day!

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