Autumn in Ancient Korea – Gyeongju Ulsan Daegu Family Photographer

Autumn is a great time for taking family photos in South Korea. The fiery colors are absolutely stunning, especially when mixed with the beauty of Korea’s traditional architecture. One great location to experience both of these things is the city of Gyeongju. It was Korea’s capital city during the ancient Silla dynasty and to this day, you can see both remnants and restorations of pavilions, temples, homes, and various other structures from centuries before.

The city’s relatively close proximity to Ulsan, Daegu, and Busan make it a great location for portrait photography all year round. It was an easy choice for Ulsan-based Jennifer and family for their family portraits. We chose Woljeong bridge and the nearby Confucian village as backdrops for our session.  Special thanks to Richard Bates for assisting.

Below are some of my favorite images from that day.

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