A Family Trip to South Korea – Portrait Photographer in Seoul and Nami Island

These days, it’s so easy to get lost in endless social media posts and the flood of images that hit our eyeballs every single day. We tend to forget that at the very core of things, it’s still all about the memories captured with the ones we love. I was once again reminded of this during my portrait sessions with Liza and family. It was their first trip abroad all together, and there were certainly a lot of conversations, emotions, and beautiful moments that came up during the shoot.  It wasn’t all serious though, as the ladies had lots of fun posing in front of the camera. I’m honored to be the one they chose to photograph them during this very special trip and it was such a pleasure working with them.

We were together for two sessions over a couple of days. The first one was at Seoul’s Haneul Park (서울하늘공원). Autumn is the peak time for the dreamy silver grass and we enjoyed it thoroughly, shooting in the golden late afternoon light until sundown.


Early the next morning, we went off to Nami Island (남이섬) or Naminara as it’s sometimes called. Autumn is one of the best times to go to Nami for fiery fall colors on the island’s thousands of beautiful trees. The sea of red, orange, and yellow foliage make the perfect backdrop for pictures. We caught the first ferry to the island. The call time was very early, but definitely worth it. We got to enjoy a  quiet Nami Island and by the time all the tourists rushed in, we were wrapped, smiling and on our way out for brunch.


Thanks again to Liza and family for a wonderful session. I wish everyone all the best!

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