Beyblades and Blossoms – Seoul Forest Family Photographer

One of the most exciting and challenging things about photographing families is working with kids. Grown-ups are a bit easier in that they’ll usually play along for an hour or two even if they are reluctant to get in front of the camera. Sometimes it takes a lot more effort to get kids on board, especially if they’re not in a good mood. I’ll admit I was a little bit nervous going into Anna and family’s spring cherry blossom shoot at Seoul Forest. After all, elementary-aged kids can be even more unpredictable than toddlers! Luckily, after a bit of goofiness behind the camera, conversation about Japanese cartoons, and a game of rock, paper, scissors, everyone warmed up and had a blast!

Seoul Forest is the perfect location for a spring family shoot because it offers so much to explore and shoot: cherry blossoms (of course!), playgrounds, an insect garden, deer park, and so many nice backdrops along the way. Time flew by so quickly we didn’t even have time to rent bikes as planned. Here are some of my favorites from Anna and family’s session at Seoul Forest.

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