Jade Garden and Nami Island Engagement – Seoul Pre-Wedding Photographer

John and Mir contacted me in the late summer. There was a heat wave in Korea at the time and the shoot date would be at the tail-end of that. This, of course, got me a bit worried because it might make for a tough shoot for everyone. Fortunately, the temperatures dropped to a pretty cool and comfortable level a couple of days before our shoot and we had a great session.

Our first location was Jade Garden (제이드가든) in Chuncheon, about an hour outside of Seoul. It is an arboretum modeled after European gardens and has been used as a filming location for TV dramas. Inside Jade Garden are over twenty themed gardens, hills, and pathways. It certainly felt like a new photo opportunity at every turn.


Our next location was the famous Nami Island. A 10-minute drive from Jade Garden, Nami is a popular tourist destination and filming location for movies and dramas. As we boarded the ferry, I was a bit worried about not making it in time for sunset. Fortunately, the ferry ride was very short and we had enough time to shoot our sunset scenes. We also enjoyed the various tree-lined roads that make the island so famous. Getting there later in the day was also definitely a good idea to avoid the crowds.


All in all, it was a great day out with John and Mir. Great locations and an enthusiastic couple make this job so much fun. Plus it’s always great to work with fellow Filipinos. Thanks again and all the best to you guys!


Post-shoot selfie.
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