So Hyeon’s First Birthday Celebration – Tongyeong, Geoje South Korea Family Event Photographer (통영 거제 돌잔치 스냅 촬영)

Korean first birthday’s are always fun and lively events.  A long time ago in Korea, it was a great milestone for a child to reach 1 year old and celebrating that in a big way has been carried on to this day.

It was a real pleasure to photograph So Hyeon’s first birthday, or “doljanchi” at the Beach Castle Hotel in Tongyeong (통영비치캐슬).  Even moreso because I have photographed her family before, when her big brother Sungmin had his first birthday.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of the great things about this job is seeing families grow and change over the years.

For So Hyeon’s birthday, we chose a nearby forest path to do the family portraits.  It was high noon, so it was best to stay in the shade.  The family looked great in their white dresses and tuxes.  Little So Hyeon seemed to enjoy the shoot as she was smiling and laughing all throughout.

After the forest it was off to the banquet hall to for the party.  It was a fun celebration with lots of food and laughter.  So Hyeon ended up picking a double whammy for her “doljabi” (돌잡이), which is a Korean tradition that is supposed to predict the child’s career path in the future.

Thank you to So Hyeon’s family for letting me be a part of another important celebration in their lives.  I wish them all the best!

Now please enjoy the photos from that day.   Need a family event photographer in South Korea?  Please get in touch!