Springtime in the South – Busan Gamcheon Culture Village Family Photographer

Ask most people about visiting Korea and they will most likely talk about Seoul. It’s understandable, as Korea’s capital city is the country’s biggest attraction. However, there are definitely lots of beautiful and exciting places to visit all over the country, and Korea’s second-largest city of Busan is one of them!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and family in Busan during their visit from Singapore. Sarah’s first choice of location was the Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을). This place, which many people refer to as the “Machu Pichu” of Korea, features hundreds of houses built on a mountain slope. The alleyways and walls of the village are brightly decorated with murals and other artwork, making it an attractive place to visit. We had a great time walking through the alleys and stopping every once in a while to take photos.

Our next location was the Maekdo Ecological Park (맥도생태공원).  Since it was spring, Sarah wanted to incorporate cherry blossoms in our shoot.  I chose the Maekdo park because it was a little more low-key and much less crowded than the nearby Samrak Ecological Park (삼락생태공원), which was bustling with  thousands of visitors that day.  We enjoyed the beautiful tree-lined road and ended the day at the picturesque creek and reed pond.

It was a pleasure working with Sarah and family and I look forward to seeing them in Singapore when I finally get to visit!  If you are looking for a photographer in Busan (or anywhere in Korea) to take memorable portraits on your next trip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!